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WoodSpell was is a musical group in a clearly acoustic format, with guitar, double bass, mandolin and violin. We are inspired by root music such as bluegrass or Celtic, and we bring together both our own and traditional songs in our repertoire, where the vocal part is as important as the instrumental part. The members of the group come from different musical styles such as folk, rock, jazz or classical music.

Woodspell Band officially split on april 2022


Woodspell is a bluegrass and Americana group formed in early 2020 in Barcelona. The members of the band met in 2017 at the II Barcelona Bluegrass Camp, organized by the association Al Ras dedicated to the promotion of bluegrass in our country since 1988.
After this first ‘field’ they made friends from the meetings to play in the jam sessions and decided to unite to play in a better way the same type of repertoire they played in the jams.
A few months later, they formed their first band, The Silky Ramblers, where they began composing as well as playing bluegrass classics, as well as songs with a more current orientation of the same genre.
After two years and several performances in Catalonia, they wanted to adopt a new orientation, looking for a more personal sound through new compositions, delicate and complex arrangements, and singing in their usual language, Catalan, which is why they started a new one. formation.

On 2022 April 27 the band ended up their activity



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